Before guitarist Richie Sambora joined Bon Jovi in 1983, he jammed with a number of bands in the New Jersey region. One of those bands was Shark Frenzy, a group fronted by one Bruce Foster (vocals, guitars, keyboards). A jam session in a bar led to an invitation for Richie to join the band permanently. It brought the then 18 year old Sambora to the recording studio for the very first time, where they recorded two albums worth of material.

The two musicians went separate ways after the break-up of Shark Frenzy. Sambora went on to join Bon Jovi and sold over 100 million albums. Bruce Foster started a career as a session musician, lending his keyboard-sounds to the likes of Guns ‘n’ Roses, Kiss and Status Quo. He would, however, reunite with his old guitarist a number of times. One time he co-wrote the song ‘One Light Burnin’ for Sambora’s 1991 solo debut album Stranger In This Town. The other time was when the duo penned the song ‘Trail Of Broken Hearts’ for Sambora’s former girlfriend, Cher.

In 2004, Richie Sambora and Bruce Foster reunited Shark Frenzy to play a one-off gig for a small audience of invited guests consisting of old friends and family.

Sonic Past Music brings you all of the material Shark Frenzy recorded in the early 80s, in two volumes.