Biography by Charlie Rich, Jr.

In 1992 I joined the group Black Tie. Black Tie consisted of Billy Swan [hit songwriter for Conway Twitty, Waylon Jennings, and Mel Tillis among many others], Jimmy Griffin (formerly of Bread), and Randy Meisner (co-founder of The Eagles and Poco). The first day I went over to the studio, there was Randy. He was very polite and said he looked forward to working with me. I don’t really know if Reggie Fisher, the producer, had played him any of my stuff or not. We had a couple of mutual friends in Joe Walsh and Dan Fogelberg, so that helped break the ice a bit. In retrospect, I’m glad we got to know each other in a studio environment before breaking out the band gear. Randy was great in the studio, particularly when it came to vocal arrangements. He came up with all these cool little parts that just “made” the song come together. He called it putting the glue on it. He was right. It just welded all the parts of the song together. We would eventually have a big country single with “I’m Sure Of You”, which made it to the top 20, no small feat for an independent label. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough product in the stores to take advantage of the chart position. One thing led to another, and the Black Tie project ran out of funding. That’s when we formed Meisner, Rich, & Swan. We just wanted to get out and play.

We were all excited when the CD was about to be released. Then we saw the album cover. It’s not a big deal now, but then it was. See, we had been touring all over the world as Meisner, Rich, & Swan. Well, we had the artwork for the CD done by a great company in Japan. Problem is, they really didn’t have the English thing down that well. Great artwork, poor translation skills. Instead of Meisner, Rich, & Swan, it ended up Meisner, Swan & Rich. The artwork looked so cool, that we just changed our name.

An excerpt from the source: Charlie Rich, Jr. Official Website