The late Dick Campbell (1944-2002) was famous in the 1960s for several albums he did with Gary Usher, as well as his compositions. The materials Dick Campbell gave to Mercury in 1965 were famous in another way:

“… I had written a couple of “Dylan-esque” songs which Mercury liked. Columbia had Dylan and Mercury didn’t. They asked me to write ten more, Come back in two weeks, and make an album. So I did and this is it… ”
-Dick Campbell

The enigmatic Dick Campbell… singer, songwriter, producer and one of the most famous humorists in the 1960s music business. It’s sometimes difficult to tell whether he means something seriously or not.

Dick had never had any intention of being a folk rocker, The Beach Boys and The Four Seasons being more his thing, but the idea of making a record with these outstanding musicians and getting paid was too much to turn down! Dick would go on to produce many classic mid-west garage bands, and write and record the album Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt with Gary Usher and Curt Boettcher, as well as be publishing A&R for Harry Nillson and Paul Williams, and writing songs for the Cowsills to boot!