Curt Boettcher, later Curt Boetcher and Curt Becher (January 7, 1944–June 14, 1987), was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer from Wisconsin. His career spanned 1964 to 1983. He reverted to the original spelling of Curt Boettcher, although nothing was issued after 1983.

Boettcher was one of the most important personalities of “sunshine pop” in the 1960s, even influencing Brian Wilson before the production of Pet Sounds. Boettcher worked with The Association, Gary Usher, The Millennium, Sagittarius, and The Beach Boys, among others. Curt Boettcher sang some background vocals on The ByrdsThe Notorious Byrd Brothers album, a Gary Usher production job.

Gary Usher‘s clout, as well as his successful productions for The Association and Tommy Roe, allowed Boettcher to start working on his own studio project for Columbia Records. In 1967, having been given carte blanche, he assembled a group of musicians and songwriters that he knew (including Sandy Salisbury, Lee Mallory, Joey Stec and Michael Fennelly), as well as a flank of top Los Angeles session men, and started recording an album under the group moniker The Millennium. The album was co-produced by Keith Olsen who was a friend of Curt Boettcher since his college days. Their only album, Begin, was the most expensive album that Columbia had released at that point, and despite the release of several singles, it was a commercial failure. This has been partially attributed to Boettcher’s reluctance to tour. The group did attempt a few live performances in Los Angeles, but the difficulty of reasonably replicating the album on stage presented a large enough challenge to disinterest Boettcher, and though the single “It’s You” did become a substantial hit in several regions, there was no group to support it (surprisingly enough, “5 AM” also became a hit as well, in the Philippines).

Relevant Trivia

  • Curt Boettcher was a founding member of The Millennium


  • In 1967, Curt Boettcher assembled a group of musicians and songwriters that he knew (including Sonic Past Music artists Joey Stec, Sandy Salisbury, and Lee Mallory) to form The Millennium.
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